Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes - Tip of the Month #5


Mistake #5: You Attend an ICBC-Appointed Doctor or Specialist Without Retaining Your Own Medical Specialist

ICBC often uses the same medical specialists. Sometimes, those specialists prepare written reports for ICBC that may well help your case, but you won't know this because ICBC claims privilege over the reports (this means they do not have to disclose the report to you).  Often, those reports hurt your case.  

Seek legal advice if ICBC asks you to see its chosen specialist. In 2016, these are examples of the doctors that ICBC often used:

  • Dr. Martin Grypma (orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Petar Kokan (orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Rehan Dost (neurologist)
  • Dr. Stephen Maloon (orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Bishop (family doctor with interest in orthopaedics)
  • Dr. Sovio (orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Leith (orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Levin (psychiatrist)

This information, along with other specialists used by ICBC can be found at ICBC's website where they detail their vendor payments. You can also compare the specialists MSP billings, which is readily available to the public. This will give you an idea of who those doctors mostly work for.

Of course, seek legal help as this can get tricky and it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Perminder S. Tung.

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